Creedmoor Brass Wax 2 oz

$ 8.95

Creedmoor Brass Wax 2 oz

The NEW Creedmoor Brass Wax is a new finger applied case wax that has extreme lubricity. We have worked with some of the best reloaders in the world to bring you the best brass wax on the market. Our brass wax is non-toxic, made with food grade materials, and will not tarnish your brass. Simply apply a small amount (a little goes a long ways) to the inside and the outside of the case neck to reduce any potentional sticking or galling during resizing. After resizing, simply wipe off the wax and continue loading.


  • Easily Applied and Removed
  • Will not Tarnish Brass
  • Non-Toxic
  • Made with Food Grade Materials

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