Creedmoor Sports Full Finger Leather Black And Yellow Glove


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Creedmoor Full Finger Leather Black And Yellow Glove

We have kept our yellow leather glove for those that like the tougher sturdy feel of leather. But, added an upgrade of the new non-slip material to give this tough sturdy glove that sticky grip that your glove should have. New black non-slip material in the palm and on the back of the hand eliminates your hand from sliding on the stock or the sling eliminating movement during recoil. This glove has a cross slot at the back for better bending. But, you still get the support in the wrist to solidify your positions. The open finger option allows your fingers to breathe and not get as sweaty on those hot summer days. Meets ISSF and NRA rules.

NOTE: Gloves for a right handed shooter will go on the left hand and vice versa.

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