Creedmoor Space Full Finger Shooting Glove


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Creedmoor Space Full Finger Shooting Glove

Our new Space Glove gives you a new look to High Power to go with our new non-slip material! The material of this glove gives you more flexibility that the leather glove and might be more suited for colder weather. We have changed the non-slip material on all of our glove which grips and sticks to the rifle and sling significantly better. This glove meets ISSF and NRA rules

SM-XL, Right or Left Handed Shooter.

NOTE: Gloves for a right handed shooter will go on the left hand and vice versa.

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Creedmoor Sports California Proposition 65 Gun Safety

Serena Juchnowski
Junior Shooters Magazine
13 July 2017

I tore through a record number of shooting gloves last year, so I began looking for something different. I decided to try the Creedmoor Space Full Finger Shooting Glove as I wanted a full-fingered glove to keep my hands warm in the winter. (I still shoot matches outside when it is not brutally cold.)

When I first tried on the full finger shooting glove, I was surprised by its thickness. I used the sizing guide and my experience with another company to determine what size to order. I think that I purchased a slightly large glove, but it is still a quality product. This glove allows a shooter to keep a firm grip on his or her rifle, especially due to the gripping material on one finger and the palm of the glove. I have learned that different gloves are better for shooting offhand depending on which hand position one uses. This glove is perfect for shooters who hold off of the magazine during the standing stage. With my new coat, I have since adjusted my position, now holding the hand guard in front of the magazine rather than the magazine itself. With this technique, I prefer an open fingered glove, especially in the summer. Even though I mistakenly decided on a slightly inaccurate size since I was in between sizes and fearful of ordering too small a glove, I can tell that this is a quality product compared to many other gloves that I have destroyed all too quickly. The main problem I have had with shooting gloves is the palm ripping open and the gripping material rubbing off the glove, especially when holding off of the magazine. In my time using this glove with that technique, I found it very comfortable with no signs of wear yet!

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