Creedmoor Sports A&D FX-120i Scale Caddy

$ 44.95

Creedmoor Sports A&D FX-120i Scale Caddy

The Creedmoor Sports Scale Caddy is a great companion to your A&D FX-120i Scale reloading scale. This caddy has cutouts for the scale, calibration weights and includes a place for other small bench tools. The main cutout holds the scale and helps reduce movement while weighing charges. The three cutouts for the F1 calibration weights keep them within easy reach, making calibration quick and easy. Also included is a convenient accessory cutout for holding items like a powder dipper, brass preparation tools and more. The non-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the caddy also help to reduce and dampen vibrations which can impair scale accuracy.

Like our other reloading products, the Creedmoor Sports A&D FX-120i Scale Caddy is proudly Made in the USA!


  • Vibration dampening non-skid rubber feet
  • Made in USA

Cutouts for the following:

  • A&D FX-120i Scale
  • F1 calibration weight set
  • Accessory storage