Creedmoor Sports Cartridge Gauge Bell

$ 39.95

Creedmoor Sports Cartridge Gauge Bell

This device by Creedmoor Sports is used as a companion tool with Cartridge Case Gauges such as those by L.E. Wilson or similar design. The tool utilizes a dial indicator (order separately) to primarily measure the changes to a case’s headspace relative to the rifle chamber and the sizing die.

You can use this tool to tell you the following measurements:

  • How much your cases stretch during firing
  • The amount of shoulder set back you are getting with your sizing die
  • Changes in shoulder set back due to die adjustment
  • Monitoring the consistency of your sizing process
  • When equipped with a Primer Pocket Probe (Sold Separately) you can make quick measurements of primer pocket depth.


  • Creedmoor Sports Cartridge Gauge Bell
  • Complete instructions
  • Dial indicator sold separately
  • E. Wilson Case Gauges or similar sold separately


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Minimize the amount of sizing and work hardening of your cases which will maximize their working life
  • Proper use will ensure your cases will chamber smoothly
  • Made in the U.S.A

Tech Tips:

  • Insert clean fired case into L.E. Wilson case gauge (sold separately)
  • Install dial indicator onto Gauge Bell (dial indicator sold separately)
  • Place case gauge with case inserted on flat surface
  • Place Gauge Bell over case gauge and read indicator reading (we like to zero our indicator at this step)
  • Begin adjusting full length sizing die down and measuring until you see the dial indicator move .001” to .003” (this indicates how much the shoulder is being pushing back)
  • Repeat process with a few cases to verify die setting