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AR-15 Carbon Removal Tool

$ 41.95
Never before has the soldier, enthusiast, gunsmith, or armorer had access to a single tool that can remove the carbon from both the bolt tail and bolt carrier with such ease and precision!

This revolutionary tool eclipses the function of the carbon scraper style tools currently in the industry by not only improving on their ability to remove carbon buildup in the bolt carrier, but surpassing them by adding the feature of quickly and accurately removing carbon buildup from the tail of the bolt. No longer must the soldier, enthusiast, gunsmith, or armorer toil with solvent and a wire brush to adequately clean the tail of the bolt.

Only the CRT-15 can remove carbon properly from any bolt tail radius, (bolt tail dimensions vary between manufacturers)! The CRT-15 is the must have cleaning tool that should be in every cleaning kit of an AR-15, M-16, and M-4 owner/operator.  The CRT-15 features a reamer-style end that removes carbon from the bolt carrier of the M-16 family, and a lathe-style end that removes carbon from the bolt tail of the M-16 family. Proper carbon removal ensures proper bolt operation.

The CRT-15 easily fits in field cleaning kits, and its lightweight compact design will fit in most pockets.  The CRT-15 is all steel precision manufactured, and clear zinc plated for severe outdoor corrosion resistance.  It is also hardened for long lasting quality, and is 100% Made in the USA.

The CRT-15 is easy to use, and ensures proper bolt operation. Save time with a tool specifically designed to remove carbon from problem areas of all M-16 family bolts and bolt carriers. it is compact, lightweight, and field ready Fewer tools to carry/transport.

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