David Tubb - Day With A Champion (3 DVD Set)

$ 66.95

David Tubb - Day With A Champion (3 DVD Set)

3 Volume Set

Volume 1: Tubb details all the equipment needed to compete in highpower rifle competition for actual shooting and in practice. Tubb demonstrates standing position for 200 yard shooting. Sight pictures, trigger squeeze, breath control, working with the sling, reading the wind, etc.

Volume 2: Tubb continues the series with the sitting position at 200 and 300 yards and prone position at 300 and 600 yard distances. In this volume, he gives viewers an excellent opportunity to observe the techniques that have helped him make a champion.

Volume 3: Tubb shoots a regional match in Oklahoma. You'll be amazed as Tubb calls his shots, reads the wind, adjusts his sights and proceeds to win the match with 787 points with 28 X's on a very windy day.


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