Dewey 22 Cal Copper Eliminator Rod


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Dewey 22 Cal Copper Eliminator Rod

Due to dimensions, cleaning rods are exempt from flat rate and other shipping promotions.

If you are wanting a Nylon Coated Dewey Rod but are using a heavy copper eliminating solvent then the Copper Eliminator Series Rods are for you. The Copper Eliminator rods have the same extremely thick nylon coating that Dewey's other rods have but instead of a brass ferrule they come with an aluminum ferrule. These rods are 8/32 female ended and accept a standard 8/32 male Copper Eliminator Brushes and Copper Eliminator Jags.

The Copper Eliminator Rods do not in anyway remove copper easier but instead they will allow you to not get a false positive reading when using a heavy copper eliminating solvent.


  • Nylon-Coated (.205./210 O.D.)
  • .22 Cal
  • Aluminum tip
  • 8/32 female threads
  • Comes with 22JMA aluminum jag
  • Weight 1.8 lbs
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