Edgewood Standard Original Edgebag (3/4" Ear)

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Edgewood Standard Original Edgebag (3/4" Ear)

For the Bench Rest or F-Class Shooter who wants outstanding rear bag support without too much material, the Standard Original Edgebag provides the standard, quality support for years to come.

The Slick, 3M material woven into the ear piece allows for a frictionless surface for the buttstock to rest without bunching up or shifting. 

Best paired with an Edgewood New Farley or Seb Neo Hunter Front Bag and a Creedmoor Sports Deluxe Fold-Up Shooting Mat to get the most out of your position and day of competition!


  • Extra rigid, super flat bag base made with a unique material resists deformation over time
  • "Overlay Ears" - Slick 3M material, a durable layer of leather is added underneath the material which contributes to consistency in shape and performance as well as extreme longevity and resitance to wear.
  • Flatter ear space means the riding surface at the base of the ears has been redesigned to practically eliminate inconsistencies in the transition between the riding surface and the ear base. This remedies any potential drag or grabbing and increases longevity by removing an inherent wear point.
  • Reinforced ear base isolates the ear set from the shape of the bag, contributing to consistency in the contact surface and ear spread.
  • Embroidered cordura tops showcase Edgewood's brand new logo and highlight the evolution of their designs.


Bag Height: Standard 3-1/2"

Ear Spread: 3/4" (Shehane)

Ear Height: 1-1/2"

Ear Material: Slick Material (3M)

Color: Black

Material: Leather

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