Forster Co-Ax Case And Cartridge Inspector

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Forster Co-Ax® Case And Cartridge Inspector

The Forster Co-Ax® Case and Cartridge Inspector is designed to allow the handloader to measure three critical aspects of the cartridge: 1) Neck wall thickness, 2) Case neck concentricity, and 3) Bullet runout. Concentricity based on the centerline of the cartridge axis can be critical to the performance of handloads. Most shooters interested in uniformity and precision strive to reach .002” to .005” of Total Indicated Runout (TIR) when measured at the bullet tip. Poor TIR can be attributed to many factors such as quality of cases, work hardening, case preparation, sizing operations, and bullet seating.

Measurements are in increments of one-thousandth of an inch so accuracy is superb. The Inspector is unique because it checks both the bullet and case alignment in relation to the centerline (axis) of the entire cartridge or case. An accurate dial indicator is included along with everything you need to measure your cartridges except for the correct pilot. Pilots must be ordered separately. This tool uses Forster Pilots designed to be used in this tool and also the Forster Case Trimmers.

Pilots sold separately. (The .17 caliber pilot is not compatible with this tool.)


  • One Forster Co-Ax Case and Cartridge Inspector
  • One Forster .001” reading dial indicator
  • Complete instructions
  • Caliber specific pilots sold separately (same as used in Forster Case Trimmers)


  • Ability to read Total Indicated Runout (TIR) of cases and bullets. Sometimes referred to as concentricity
  • Ability to measure case neck thickness
  • Easy to zero dial indicator for easy readings
  • Quick setup
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Tech Tips:

  • Check TIR of cases after firing. Clean cases first.
  • Check TIR of cases after full length or neck sizing without decapping rod assembly installed
  • Check TIR of cases with decapping rod assembly installed. See how much this step adds or degrades TIR
  • Check TIR of bullet seating operation. Make sure case mouths are well chamfered.


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