Forster Small Primer Pocket Cleaner For .175" Primers

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Forster Small Primer Pocket Cleaner (.175" primers)

Primer Pocket Cleaners help ensure consistent ignition and reduce the incidence of misfires by removing powder and primer residue from the primer pockets of your cases.


• This tool is for cleaning residue from Small Rifle and Small Pistol Primer Pockets.
• This Forster Primer Pocket Cleaner installs into the Forster Case Trimmer in place of the trimmer pilot.
• Works in conjunction with the Primer Pocket Center which mounts on the collet side of the trimmer.
• The Forster Primer Pocket Cleaner cleans out spent primer residue.
• This is a scraper type tool and does not uniform the primer pocket but simply cleans it.


  • Install the Primer Pocket Center in the collet side of the Forster Trimmer.
  • Install the Primer Pocket Cleaner in the hole where a Case Trimmer Pilot is usually located.
  • Hold the case so the case mouth is against the Primer Pocket Center and turn the Primer Pocket Cleaner so the cutter scrapes residue from the bottom of the primer pocket.