Geissele Large Pin Match Rifle Trigger

$330.00 $ 260.00

Geissele Large Pin Match Rifle Trigger

The Geissele Hi-Speed Match Rifle Trigger is designed for NRA High Power Rifle competition with highly modified AR-15 Space guns. AR-15 Space guns are the Formula 1 weapons of High Power Rifle competition. With very few restrictions, these highly customized semi-automatic weapons are intended to produce extreme accuracy at long range. The Geissele Match Trigger is a perfect Space gun add-on as the pull weight can be adjusted to low levels that enhance trigger control. The fast lock time assists the shooter in getting every ounce of accuracy out of his weapon. The Hi-Speed hammer uses a full-power hammer spring which imparts more kinetic energy into the firing pin, producing much more consistent primer ignition - especially with experimental cartridges or AR-10 based weapons.

Additional Information

Size: 1990-2009 Colt Large Pin 
Trigger Bow Type: M4 Curved
Weapon Platform: AR15/AR10

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