Gracey Motorized Primer Pocket Cleaner

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Efficiency and safety in reloading are enhanced by using the deceptively simple Gracey Primer Pocket Cleaner, a tool which allows you to clean - in a second or less- primer pockets and flash holes of residue, all without enlarging or scoring them. The Gracey Primer Pocket Cleaner consists of a well-designed copper brush assembly that is driven by a 1/30 hp electric motor turning at 1550 rpm. Why copper brushes? As you know, copper is softer than brass, which means the primer pocket won't be enlarged or scored.
Available for small and large cases, the copper elements of the brush are solidly anchored in a steel cup by a resin of tremendous strength. The copper brush elements are offset .007 inch from center to produce a scrubbing action in the primer pocket.

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