Jim Owens No-Pulse Service Sling

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Jim Owens No-Pulse Service Sling

This is a Jim Owens - Turner Saddlery All Weather Rifle Sling specially modified to the No-Pulse Configuration. It is already assembled in the No-Pulse Configuration. Both of the Keepers have been replaced with the larger 3-ply Keepers. The Short Strap has been lengthened to make the arm loop larger. It includes an instruction sheet as to it's use. The Advantages are, (1) The sling can be placed on your arm, back on the ready line, without handling the rifle, (2) When they call you to the line, the sling can be attached to the rifle in ten seconds or less, (3) The sling does not slip on the arm and (4) The sling does not give a Pulse Beat to the front sight.

Legal for both NRA and CMP Matches