Kowa 30x Wide Eyepiece For 883 Scope

$ 400.00

Kowa 30x Wide Eyepiece For 883 Scope

This high preformance eyepiece is designed with 7 lens elements in 5 groups with easy viewing. The 20mm eye relief allows you to capture the entire field of view, even when wearing glasses.

*Compatible with TSN-880 and TSN-770 Series Kowa Sporting Scope


30x Wide (TSN-880/770)
33x Wide (TP556)

Real Field of View

2.4 (TSN-880/770)
2.2 (TP556)

Exit Pupil Diameter

2.9mm (TSN-880)
2.6mm (TSN-770)
2.7mm (TP556)

Relative Brightness

8.4 (TSN-880)
6.8 (TSN-770)
7.1 (TP556)

Twilight Factor

51.4 (TSN-880)
48.1 (TSN-770)
53.9 (TP556)

Eye Relief 20.00mm
Field of View at 1000m/yard

4.19m (TSN-880/770)
38m (TP556)

Weight 310g (10.6oz)
Length 86mm (3.39in)

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