Kowa 82SV Spotting Scope With 20-60X Zoom Eyepiece Combo w/ Creedmoor Scope Cover

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We've got a deal for you! We've worked with our Kowa supplier to bring you this LIMITED AVAILABILITY of our most popular scope, the Kowa TSN 82SV. If it's something you've been eyeing, you WON'T find a better price anywhere! PLUS - Receive a FREE Brown Creedmoor Scope Cover with Combo Purchase!

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Kowa TSN-82SV
Kowa enjoys a spectacular reputation of enduring quality internationally, where there are large numbers of nature enthusiasts.  Their TSN-82SV Spotting Scope is the modern iteration of Kowa's TSN-821M scope, which endured for well over a decade as their premium design.  The 82SV's a great choice if you want the very best in optics from a respected Japanese company without forking over an arm and a leg to get it.


The TSN-82SV was created using advanced optical technology and the best of materials known.  Its 82mm objective lens gathers gobs of light, ensuring a bright field of view in nearly any practical nature viewing.  It makes for a great casual-use astronomical scope.


The 82SV is offered exclusively as an angled viewing design.  While it isn't a matter entirely settled until you experience the differences for yourself, it is nearly a universal belief that the angled scopes offer a more comfortable time of longer glassing, and are unequivocally easier to share amongst a group of observers.  You can also get away with a shorter tripod using the angled scope, perhaps shaving precious ounces off your pack weight.  Angled scopes do require a bit more experience at locating the subject; if you're tall and equipped with a tall tripod and primarily viewing alone, a straight viewing scope is often preferred.


-Large 3.2" objective lens gathers plenty of light

-Full multicoatings upon all lenses and prisms

-Main lens composed from environmentally friendly, lead-free "eco-glass"

-Unique flat, wide porro prism design

-360 degree rotating base with click stops allows usage from all angles, eases comfort when viewing from elevated positions, and facilitates Wimberley Sidekick or other compact gimbal heads

-Quick-aiming finder on the scope's right aids in object locating

-Sliding sun shade protects objective from impact, rain, and stray light

-Accepts 86mm filters

-O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged

-Extensively adaptable to SLR, point & shoot, and video cameras via optional dedicated adapters

-Metal alloy & carbon fiber rubber-armored construction

-Kowa's attractive signature green finish will not disturb wildlife

-Water resistant and fog resistant

The 60mm, 66mm and 82mm are polycarbonate with carbon fiber.  The 88 and 77 are magnesium and aluminum.

Good scope for 1000 yards.

Kowa 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece TE-9Z

Exit Pupil Eye Relief FOV @ 1000M Magnification Real FOV Relative Brightness Twilight Factor
3.0-1.0mm (TSN 600) 3.3-1.1mm (TSN 660) 3.9-1.3mm (TSN-82SV) 16.5-16mm 33.2-17.5M (TSN 600/660) 31-17M (TSN 82SV) 20-60x (TSN 600/660) 20-63x (TSN 82SV) 1.9-1.0 degrees (TSN 600/660) 1.8-0.95 degrees (TSN 82SV) 9.0-1.0 (TSN 600) 10.9-1.2 (TSN 660) 6.8-1.7 (TSN 82SV) 34.6-60.0 (TSN 600) 36.3-62.9 (TSN 660) 41.5-71.9 (TSN 82SV)