Kowa iPhone Adapter

$ 49.95


Kowa Sporting Optics is proud to announce the launch of Kowa's newest product, the TSN-IP4S iPhone adapter for the iPhone 4 and 4S models. Increased popularity in digiscoping along with the ease of picture sharing makes this product the perfect addition to any Kowa enthusiast's gear list. From bird watching to hunting, the new iPhone adapter will take digiscoping to a whole new level! The adapter comes with two standard rings, one for the 88/77 series scopes and one for the BD/SV/YF series of binoculars. Additional lens rings may be purchased as well and are easily installed on the adapter in seconds. The aluminum adapter rings are lined with a soft material that makes them fit snugly on the eyecups without damaging your favorite Kowa optics, while the lightweight adapter is made of an epoxy resin material that will not damage the finish of your iPhone. The combination of these materials and features, promises durability for years to come. Long recognized as an industry leader, Kowa designs and manufactures binoculars, spotting scopes, and digiscoping technologies specifically for the outdoorsman. Using the highest quality materials and innovation that is second to none, Kowa products are guaranteed to take your outdoor experience to the next level. NOTE: This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE with the iPhone 5. Note: If your scope is the TSN82SV/660/600 Series, you will need to purchase two additional items - TSN-DA1-AR30 TSN-DA1 -See Related Products Tab Below "While the scope adapter ring for the new iPhone Adapter was designed specifically for the TSN-880/770 series spotting scope eyepieces, the ring does, in fact, fit onto the new Swarovski zoom eyepieces and, I believe, the older zoom eyepieces as well. However, we state in the user instructions that come with the iPhone adapter that this adapter is not designed for use with non-Kowa products and we are not responsible for any mishap when the product is used on a non-Kowa product." -Jim Dansenbaker 9-6-12


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