Lapua 9mm Luger Brass 1000 ct

$339.95 $ 289.95

Lapua 9mm Luger Brass 1000 ct (Unprimed)

We worked with our vendor to get the last shipment of Lapua 9mm Luger brass entering the United States. Used by European LE and military, as well as top competitors, this is the absolute best brass you can buy for your 9mm. Made with the same attention to detail as Lapua rifle brass, this brass with outlast and outperform all others. 

The 9 mm Luger, also known as the 9mm Parabellum or 9x19mm, is now one of the most popular pistol cartridges in the world, and Lapua made top-quality brass for this popular caliber. When the reloading capability counts, Lapua's 9mm Luger case is the obvious choice.

"I use Lapua for all of my competition and recreational reloading. Its exacting tolerances and hardness allow for the most precise reloads and longevity! Anyone that's serious about accuracy and quality uses Lapua for their reloads." -Mark Pharr


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