Lucky Shot 50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener

$14.95 $ 12.00

Lucky Shot 50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener

Make a statement by using a 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener.

These real bullet bottle openers are made in the USA by repurposing bullets from military surplus. The bullets have been fired one time, then prepared by American employees who create a precision cut for the opener, and then they hand polish, lacquer, and assemble the pieces into a durable and attractive bottle opener.
The Lucky Shot  50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener measures approximately 4" in length and can be used to open any type of capped bottle. This unique piece of barware is a perfect gift. Keep a bullet bottle open in the kitchen, in the man cave, and in the RV. By saving bullets for the kitchen and bar, the military keeps the used casings out of landfills. Repurposing is the ultimate in recycling as the bullets are quickly given a new, long life.
These decommissioned bullets are safe because they do not contain any active gun powder or primer. They will not explode and they cannot be reused in a gun. Due to the fact that they look like the real thing, it is wise to leave them at home when you are planning on flying or going to school.

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