Markron Gun Stock Scratch Eraser

$ 11.95

Markron Gun Stock Scratch Eraser

Removes Gun Stock Scratches Instantly!

Today's gun stocks are made with many types of materials including wood, plastic, metal and composite compounds. In many cases, the manufacturer will final coat these materials with a hard plastic protective finish known as "clear coat." This clear coat finish is designed to not only provide a tough and lasting glaze to complement the appearance of the firearm but also to serve as a retardant to the effects of moisture and UV radiation to the underlying material.

The one thing that all clear coat finishes have in common is that they are all susceptible to scratches and UV hazing over a period of time. The good thing is that the minor scratches you notice on the stock are most likely confined to the clear coat itself and not necessarily the underlying material. (If it is a deep gouge or scratch then a stock refinishing project is most likely in order.)

Gun Stock Scratch Eraser is not a wax, not a polish, but a unique conditioning compound designed specifically to treat "clear coat" finish. Regular car polish may contain abrasive additives which can, if too much pressure is applied, quickly penetrate the clear coat down to the underlying material.

Gun Stock Scratch Eraser is a non-abrasive compound designed to eliminate and seal over the existing scratch with no damage to the clear coat finish whatsoever. No matter how many times you use it, the clear coat finish remains intact and application is quick and easy. Just a few light circular strokes with a damp cloth, a few seconds to dry to a haze, then a quick buff with a soft cloth. Instantly, the scratch is history and the stock is ready for a final coat of your favorite wax.

Gun Stock Scratch Eraser is super economical. Usually only a few drops are required per application and we offer the product in a generous 4 ounce bottle which will last and last!

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