Markron Performance Action Lube

$ 9.95

Markron Performance Action Lube

Aside from the barrel of your firearm, the "unseen" internal action components of your firearm take substantive abuse each and every time you squeeze the trigger. Even with the advent of modern metals technology, repeated rapid fire events can cause a considerable degree of metal to metal friction that can place undue stress and consequent wear on the best of metal action components.

MARKRON Custom Gun Action Lube was created to address this specific issue. Starting from a 100% pure synthetic base and adding numerous anti-friction components to arrive at a finished product that provides ultimate molecular protection against friction, heat and wear.

Through regular application Gun Action Lube builds a molecular metal to metal bond that acts like "liquid ball bearings" to practically eliminate metal to metal friction. In addition, Gun Action Lube provides viscosity integrity and film strength from -40 to +400 degrees. Unlike ordinary gun oils, Gun Action Lube provides protection with no gummy build-up and subsequent residue. No matter what the ambient temperature, Gun Action Lube provides the essential friction free environment for extended component performance.

Gun Action Lube is offered in an economical 4 ounce bottle with a convenient drip-proof spout cap.

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