Redding Match Grade Model 3BR Powder Measure

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Match Grade Model 3br Powder Measure

The Match-Grade Model 3BR was created to be the ultimate powder measure... "out of the box" match ready! Since its creation, this powder measure has been helping Silhouette shooters and Benchrest shooters win matches and set new records.

It all started with the time-proven accuracy and reliability of the original Model 3 Powder Measure. The Model 3BR Powder Measure utilizes all of the features of the original Model 3 and to that Redding added the conversion features that Benchrest shooters were looking for.

3 BR is designed to have interchangeable metering chambers. This allows the measure to be used for both handguns as well as rifles. It is a good measure and can be used for accurate & consistent throws for both rifle & handgun. This #03500 has the universal metering chamber for small rifle charges. As well as handgun charges.

It quickly became Redding's most popular powder measure for two very good reasons. Its broad range of charging capacity and its performance record.

Can throw a minimum of 5 grains up to 100 grains max of powder.