MCR Complete Bullet Meplat Uniforming Tool

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MCR Complete Bullet Meplat Uniforming Tool

The MCR Meplat Uniforming Tool allows the re-loader to equalize the ballistic coefficient (B.C.) of any weight bullet. This is done by removing the unevenness of a bullet's meplat (the nose of bullet). By uniforming with the meplat, you are reducing the B.C. of that type of bullet by approximately 2%, which is equivalent of less than 1/4 minute of angle sight adjustment. However you are creating a more consistent projectile, bullet to bullet and shot to shot, thus creating smaller groups. Any inconsistencies in your ammunition are magnified at extended ranges; therefore this process will eliminate one more variable in extreme accuracy reloading.

The Meplat Uniforming Tool is comprised of a 303 stainless steel body, precision machined from one piece, to exceptionally tight tolerances for absolute squareness and repeatability. Bullets are held by a taper, caliber specifically bored into the uniformers body, and then polished so as absolutely NO DAMAGE is done to your bullet. Positively no type of plastic is used. This helps avoid any over all length variances commonly occurring with other types of uniformers that use plastic bodies and/or inserts that expand while holding the bullet.

What sets the MCR Meplat Uniforming Tool apart from the others is it is the first to utilize the secondary portion of meplat uniforming. When cutting the meplat small burrs are pushed inside of the hollow point portion of match bullets. By utilizing the center de-burring tool, these burrs can now be removed and an even countersink left in their place. This will remove any and all inconsistencies in your bullet's meplat.

The MCR Meplat Uniforming Tool is currently being used by some of the top shooters around the world in 1,000 yard bench-rest, high power, F-class, long-range hunters and many other facets of shooting. If you are serious about minimizing you groups, and having more consistent shot to shot accuracy, especially at extended ranges, you simply cannot afford to skip this step.

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