Phoenix AR-15 Front Sight

$ 139.00

This 2" long front sight shade is machined from solid Delrin and easily attaches to any 22mm iris. PRIMARILY USED FOR AR TYPE MATCH RIFLES Check out our brand new high-end line of front sights manufactured by the makers of the Phoenix Precision Rear Sight. " Three sizes to choose from: o Ultra High (PH-UHFS), for use with the T2K and CSR-1 rifles. o Medium height (PH-ARFS), for use with the AR type space gun. o Low height (PH-LRFS), for long range use at 600 yards and further on a typical prone rifle. " Laser engraved on both sides of the mount and the moveable portion allowing you to mount the sight on either the left or right of the barrel " Each laser engraved notch represents 6 minutes of elevation change, or 2 revolutions on the rear sight " Mounts on any barrel with an end diameter of .750" or .812" (specify in order) " Extra mounts sold separately allowing for use on multiple rifles " Fully adjustable 360 degree leveling bubble which may be position either above or below the aperture " Accepts all standard 22 mm front screw-in iris' " Includes two allen wrenches Line Of Sight (LOS) above Line Of Bore (LOB) adjustment range is 1.4" to 2.5"

Base is required for the use of this sight