Phoenix Ultra High Front Sight

$ 152.00


  • Ultra High Front Sight
    • For use with the Eliseo rifle, T2K or tube guns
    • Center of bore to center of iris: 1.8" to 3.0"
    • Will also work on the AR-15 platform
  • Engraved on both sides of the mount and the movable portion.
     Allows you to mount the sight on either the left or right of the barrel.
  • Each engraved notch represents 6 minutes of elevation change
  • Mounts on any barrel with an end diameter of .750", .812" or .920"
  • Extra mounts sold separately allowing for use on multiple rifles
  • Fully adjustable 360 degree leveling bubble which may be positioned either
     above or below the aperture
  • Accepts any standard 22 mm front screw-in iris

Base is required for the use of this sight

  • PH-BASE750
  • PH-BASE812
  • PH-BASE922


Installation of the mount requires a consistent barrel diameter that is approximately 1.5? in length starting at the muzzle end.