Qiang Yuan Match Pellets 53 Gr 4.50mm .177

$ 12.95

Qiang Yuan Match Pellets 53 Gr 4.50mm .177

Also known as QY Pellets, if you want the best of the best when it comes to air rifle pellets Qiang Yuan pellets are it. These Chinese made pellets are not the typical Chinese quality. These are hand made pellets in a small factory in China. Qiang Yuan pellets are the highest quality pellets made today. Olympic shooters are using these pellets almost exclusively. They are the most accurate pellets on the market. Each box of pellets is packed in a hard-plastic box. On the inside of the box every individual pellet is secured in Styrofoam to prevent the skirts of the pellets from becoming damaged. It also makes them easier to load into the air rifle. If you want to use what shootings finest, use Qiang Yuan are your new pellets.

Box of 200 pellets


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