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This video program is the most informative guide to highpower rifle reloading available featuring G. David Tubb, 7 time National Champion Rifle Shooter and experienced hunter. This program demonstrates everything you need to know to reload consistantly accurate highpower rifle ammunition. You'll learn from Tubb's 25 years of experience and see what equipment he uses, how to work with brass casings, neck trimming, neck turning, bullet spinning, bullet selection, powder selection, working with reloading manuals, testing your ammuntion and much more! Over 3 hours of advanced reloading skills that are guaranteed to improve your shooting! 
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Sierra Highpower Rifle Reloading
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 17, 2016
For beginners. Not much depth. The 1st disc was buffering 1/2 the time.
Donald Bauer
Owner Response: Donald, Thank you for reviewing this product. As with any of our products, we expect quality from our suppliers. If you would like us to contact the manufacturer of this DVD and get a replacement sent, please let us know.

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