Real Avid Smart Torq Driver

$ 79.99

Real Avid Smart Torq Driver

The most precise and technically advanced torque driver for guns.

Specifically developed for optics mounting and gun builds. Discrete inch-pound increment settings provide spot-on torque adjustments. Comfortable ergonomic grip with Force Assist makes tool manipulation a breeze. Functionally intuitive torque setting with visual, tactile and audible feedback provides confident assurance.

To get you started, Smart-Torq comes with 12 of the most commonly used gun bits.

Never over torque a scope ring again!

A properly torqued base is critical to mounting a scope for accuracy whether on a rail system or receiver. Adhering to the manufacturer's torque specifications assures that the scope will be securely mounted to the gun.

Overtightening rings is the number one cause of scope damage/failure. Most scope rings are steel, scope tubes are aluminum. Always follow the manufacturer's precise recommendation for torque and never crush a scope tube again.

Easily tighten fasteners to the manufacturer's recommendation when adding accessories or changing/upgrading the stock. Correctly torquing the screws that attach the stock to a barrel assures you of safe and accurate operation.

The ergonomic rubberized grip and Force Assist™ makes tightening screws and fasteners to precise torque settings accurate and easy.

Bit set fits most optics mounting ring and base brands.

  • Free spinning cap
  • Precise 1-inch-lb increments: 1 click = 1 inch-lb
  • Easy to read scale
  • 10-70 inch-lb range
  • Ergonomic, rubberized grip
  • All-metal internal components provide precision and superior durability
  • Precision-designed clutch mechanism and calibrated force spring delivers single inch-lb increments
  • Unidirectional clutch allows full power reversal of screws without torque slippage
  • Works with standard 1/4" bits
  • Force assist driver helps to precisely tighten screws
  • Premium high-density foam storage case
  • Bit set for most optic mounting ring and base brands

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