DISC RHS Whidden's Remington 700 V-block

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RHS Whidden's Remington 700 V-block

Long Action Only. The V-Block is an ingenious mounting system that allows custom bedding to coexist with interchangeable actions in one custom rifle stock. The Whidden V-Block - developed by the 2007, 2008 and 2010 National Long Range High Power Rifle Champion John Whidden- is bedded into your stock and allows you to mount your Remington 700, Model 7 or XP100/ XR100 action. It further allows you to remove that action easily to mount any other action with the same mounting post configuration. The installation is much simpler than conventional bedding methods as well. Stock inletting is greatly simplified due to the square base requiring no difficult radius matching, and the danger of excess epoxy under the barrel or in the action is virtually eliminated.

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