Scopesaver Trunk Rack

$ 49.95

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Gunny's ScopeSaver Trunk Rack is a freestanding gun rack designed to securely hold one to four long-barreled firearms during transport to and from shooting destinations in the storage area of a vehicle. The rack can also be used to display guns and to hold them while cleaning their bores and external surfaces.

Each firearm is secured by a pair of 3 inch high U shaped sconces that are well padded with felt. This is the only surface that touches the guns thus protecting them from damage. One sconce of each pair holds guns with thick stocks, and the other holds stocks that are thinner. Guns may thus be switched end-for-end to assure the firmest seating of the stock. Firearms can also be placed in the rack either right side up or upside down depending on their shape and design and many guns can also be placed in the rack while inside soft cases.

A unique and important use of this system is for transporting guns with telescopes. Guns with telescopes are usually "top heavy" and are best suspended in the rack upside down so that the scopes don?t touch anything. This position preserves the gun's precise sighting adjustments and gives the shooter added confidence in a more accurate first shot, which is especially important when hunting. Fewer shots are required of target shooters to prepare for competition as nothing has pressed or twisted on the scope and gun since the last time it was fired.

Gun Cleaning and Rod Storage
When the rack is removed from a vehicle it can also be used to hold guns securely while the bores are brushed or swabbed. On both sides of the rack there are two container holders for cans or bottles of gun cleaning solvent, lubricating oil and cleaning patches.
The gun rack also safely and securely stores and protects all of the popular sizes of full length bore cleaning rods. A special tapered-slot binding system allows several rods to be stored, removed and replaced even while the rack remains in the vehicle. Bore brushes and cleaning patch holders do not need to be removed from the cleaning rods as the ends of the rods do not contact any surface.

Additional Features
A pair of reinforced carrying handles is built into the rack to ensure easy portability during gun cleaning or display.
The underside of the four corners of the rack are shaped flat, so that adhesive backed Velcro Hook strips can be attached to prevent slippage on carpet or felt, which are usually found in the trunks of cars or the storage areas of other vehicles such as SUVs. Holes are in each of the four lower corner braces so that the rack can be "tied down" if desired.

The rack ends are molded of fiberglass filled polypropylene for added strength and rigidity.

Emailed Question Response:
The ScopeSaver Trunk rack holds four guns, is 23.5" deep, 23 7/8" wide, 13" high and is made of 10% fiberglass filled polypropylene.
It holds two large and two small oil/cleaning solution containers and multiple cleaning rods of different sizes.

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