SK Flatnose Basic .22 LR Ammunition

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SK Flatnose Basic .22 LR Ammunition

Flatnose Basic

The new standard cartridge of the SK family. The SK Flatnose Basic is a new development in SK's standard line of rimfire rifle rounds. It has a flattened projectile with improved ballistic properties and benefits from years of experience with developing and producing small caliber ammunition. This turns the SK Flatnose Basic into the right companion for shooting training and competition. Stability and reliability. The new SK Flatnose Basic.

Distance 0yd 2.5yd 10yd 50yd 100yd Sighted in at: 10yd 50yd 100yd
Velocity (fps) 1076 1071 1059 991 916 25m -0.7 -0.4 -8.1
Energy (ft-lbs) 102 102 99 87 74 50m -0.6 0 -7.3
Crosswind Drift (in) 0 0 0 1 3.9 75m -0.3 1.6 -4.0

Crosswind drift [in] (sidewind 13 fps)

Trajectory [inch] Impact point above or below line of sight (Scope 1.6 in above bore line)

Test barrel length: 26 in

50 count box

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