Turbo 3p Rifle with Shilen Barrel

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In the Fall of 2014, Turbo embarked on a project with a few of the resident athletes of USA Shooting to develop a complete small bore rifle made in the USA. After a year and a half of designing and testing, they are pleased to announce their small-bore rifle line! Turbo builds include their own line of Turbo aluminum stocks manufactured from 7075-T6 billet aluminum and feature a removable rear assembly for quick changeovers. Turbo offers several different anodize colors as well as customized engraving. Each build includes the new Bix 'N Andy two-stage trigger specifically designed for Turbo by Bix 'N Andy.

Key Features:

  • 6 O'clock firing pin, with a large surface area for reliable consistent ignition
  • 3 locking lug bolt design
  • Bix 'N Andy 2 stage trigger fully adjustable
  • Rear portion of stock is removable for quick position changes
  • Short ergonomic action for easy loading
  • Turbo Carbon Tube
  • Tested and tuned with ammunition recommendation
  • Custom anodized and engraved stock to match NCAA team logos
  • US Patented 3 lug rear locking bolt

The rifle includes

  • Turbo V2 receiver with standard low profile dovetail sight rail
  • Shilen barrel
  • Bix 'N Andy two stage trigger
  • Turbo turner tube
  • 3P stock
  • Rear stock insert
  • Grip assembly
  • Cheek rest assembly
  • Butt plate carrier

Basic custom engraving starting at $75 price depends on complexity of design

Buttplate and sights not included


Barrel length: 18 to 25 inch 

Tuner tube length: Short or Long

Turbo engraving paint fill: Any color paint


Made in the USA


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