Ultrablue Gun Lube Syringe

$ 5.95

Ultrablue Gun Lube Syringe

A penetrating gun lube custom blended to have a lighter viscosity. UltraBlue; has a temp range of -100° to +725° and will help control corrosion and reduce friction. Use after each cleaning.

  • HANDGUNS Lightly coat auto slides and barrel bushings on revolvers. Lightly coat all metal-to-metal contact points.
  • SHOTGUNS Coat hinge surfaces, choke tubes threads and all metal-to-metal surfaces.
  • RIFLES Lightly coat bolt lugs, firing pints and metal-to-metal surfaces.
  • BLACKPOWDER Lightly coat all moving parts, especially bolts and firing pin. Eliminated short load syndrome and we make cleanup easy. Complete instructions come with every package.
  • CLASS 3 WEAPONS Lube all metal-to-metal surfaces. The weapon will run cooler giving added barrel life.

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