DISC Vaavud Mjolnir Wind Meter For Smartphones

$ 39.95

Vaavud Mjolnir Wind Meter For Smartphones

The design is inspired by professional cup anemometers, but with two cups instead of three, to make the devise pocket-friendly and super rugged. The Mjolnir wind meter uses the magnetic field sensor in the phone, so the device contains no electronics.

  • Wind speed: 2-20 m/w, +/- 4% precision
  • Wind direction: No
  • Omnidirectional: Yes
  • Technology: Magnets (electronicless)
  • Construction quality: Super rugged
  • Dimensions: 20x112x59 mm
  • Neoprene bag: Yes

The Vaavud app allows you to view:

  • Current, average and maximum wind speed
  • Real-time graph
  • Unit of measure can be chosen (m/s, km/h, knots, mph, Bft)
  • Live map, showing measurements from other users
  • History tab, accessible across all your devices
  • Share wind readings to Facebook

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