Warne Maxima Rimfire Scope Rings


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Warne Maxima Rimfire Scope Rings

Equip the 1-inch scope on your .22-caliber rimfire rifle with our Weaver-style Warne 721M 1-inch rimfire scope rings. These 721M Warne 22 rings are made for 1-inch scopes positioned at a medium height. Equipped with a matte black finish, they easily fit 3/8th-inch and 11mm dovetails found on popular rimfire rifle models.

NATO-STANG Compatible

Warne makes their rimfire rings, sold by the pair, with a unique 70/30 horizontal split design. Each ring is made with premium steel and then powder-coated to resist corrosion. 

They are designed and manufactured in the United States. These rimfire rings are compatible with NATO-STANAG (standardization agreement) firearm accessory standards.

Rimfire rings from Warne Scope Mounts offer outstanding service for your model. Since 1991, their products have earned a reputation for high standards of quality, and their rimfire rings are a good example. They use precision materials and manufacture them in the U.S., where our company is based, to ensure a strong grip and long-lasting life.

Easily fits 5/8-inch base and 11mm dovetail
Sold in pairs
Premium powder-coat steel construction
70/30 horizontal split design
Medium matte black finish
Designed in the U.S. by shooters for shooters

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