Whidden CNC Machined Floating Toolhead for Dillon 650

$ 78.95

Whidden CNC Machined Floating Toolhead for Dillon 650

Floating Dillon Toolhead

The Whidden Gunworks Floating Toolhead utilizes precision locking rings that are purposely designed to fit over a pin in the top of the Toolhead, although secure this allows the sizer and seater die to float. This unrestricted movement allows the die to center itself over the cartridge case for the best possible alignment thus yielding consistent and concentric ammunition.

Concentricity refers to how straight the bullet is on top of the loaded round. A bullet that is straight will enter the rifling in the barrel that way which will result in superior accuracy.

The Floating Die Toolhead is available for two different Dillon presses, the Dillon 550 and 650. The Floating Die Toolhead includes the tool head and two Lock Rings.

Please note: Whidden Click Adjustable Sizing Die will not work with the Whidden Gunworks Dillon 550 or 650 Floating Toolhead.

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