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World's Finest Trimmer

Each WFT is made to trim a specific cartridge or cartridge family such as a 308 trimmer will also trim 7mm-08, 260 Rem., 243 Win. . The drop down box lists our most popular calibers, we have 180 different reamers available and each trimmer is built to order, so if you desire something not listed, simply e-mail us for availability, chances are we can help you out. The main parameters being that it is a bottle neck cartridge of .338 caliber or less. Most of the cartridges in the drop down box are for the largest cartridge in a case family. If you would prefer to have a trimmer made for a specific cartridge so that the neck is also supported, please e-mail us and we'll be happy to custom build you one - no extra charge or lead time.

The razor sharp high-speed cutters and the sealed ball bearing we incorporate into our trimmer produce an extremely smooth cut. In most cases it will only be necessary to slightly chamfer the inner edge of the case mouth. Most drill chucks have a little wobble to them, but with a little experimentation you can usually find a sweet spot were the WFT runs perfectly true. The less wobble you have the higher r.p.m. you can trim at. Unlike other case trimmers the WFT does not use pilots, the case is supported by the shoulder and body of the case.

NOTE: Our Case Trimmers are made to work with Full Length Sized Cases.

For many years I wanted to buy a self contained motorized case trimmer, but I just could not justify the expense. One day I decided to build my own for personal use, it worked so well I thought there might be a market for it. As it turns out there are a lot of handloaders that see the value in a dedicated case trimmer for cartridges that they load in volume.

The WFT was developed as a precision tool built to last a lifetime (or more) and uses a source of power most people already own - a cordless or electric drill. Once adjusted to the user's preference, it's simply a matter of chucking it up in a drill and feeding cases in by hand - a pace of 10 cases per minute is pretty easy to maintain. The guys that are into speed report they can do twice that, personally I trim mine at a more leisurely rate while watching a ballgame on TV.