In Stock Hardback Coats

These coats are in stock and ready to ship. Due to the nature of inventory of these coats, please call 1-800-273-3366 to order.

Our Inventory is updated every 24 hours so please call to check real-time inventory levels.

In-Stock Hardback Gift Certificate Offer

Limited Time Only

Receive a $75.00 Creedmoor Sports Gift Certificate with purchase of any In-Stock Hardback Coat.

R = Right Handed Shooter L = Left Handed Shooter
AP = All Position Upgrade VENT = Ventilation
SLING = Sling Hardness Set TAP = Tapered
NON-TAP = Non-Tapered SSTRAPS = Shoulder Straps
FLAG PATCH = U.S. Flag Embroidery Patch

Please call 1-800-273-3366 to order

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