Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Ordering Info

    Mail Orders to:
    Creedmoor Sports, Inc.
    167 Creedmoor Way
    Anniston, AL 36205

    We make every effort to process your orders in a timely manner. Our goal is to ship within 1-2 working days from receipt of your order. Please allow 2-3 days processing time and allow for Fedex ground shipping time, unless otherwise stated. Please note, processing and delivery times are working days-Excluding weekends. Merchandise shipped correctly will be subject to a 10% restocking fee if returned. There will be no restocking fee for exchanges. Returns must be made within 90 days of receipt of order and must be freight paid. All shipping charges both ways must be paid by customer for any exchanged or returned merchandise shipped correctly. Walk-in's are always welcome, but please keep in mind we are a mail-order concern and we do not display the items listed in our catalog. Please call prior to coming in. Your credit card will not be charged until your merchandise actually ships, with the exception that shooting coats will be charged in full when ordered. In order to control inventory costs and deliver greater value to our customers, all shooting coats are made to order to your specifications. Delivery times vary and you will receive a return e-mail giving you a the approximate shipping date.
    DVDs as well as Books are NOT returnable

  • Sales Tax

    Most states now require internet retailers to collect and remit sales tax based on economic nexus (shipping into their state). On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1992 Quill Corp. vs. North Dakota ruling which had held that internet sellers must have a physical presence in a state before they are required to collect sales tax in that state. Creedmoor Sports charges applicable state and local sales taxes in states in which Creedmoor Sports has an obligation to collect such taxes. We follow the rules of each state based on the shipping address where the order is to be received. No tax is charged when purchasing a gift certificate, however, a purchase paid for with a gift certificate may be subject to tax. If tax is not collected on your order, your purchase may be subject to use tax in your state unless your purchase is exempt from taxation or your state does not impose sales and use tax. Your purchase is not exempt merely because it is made over the Internet, by catalog, or by other remote means. States that impose sales taxes require purchases to report all purchases of tangible personal property or other taxable goods and services that are not taxed by the retailer and pay use tax on those purchases unless exempt under your state's law. Many states allow you to report and pay use tax on your state individual income tax return or by filing a use tax return with your state tax administrator. These forms and corresponding instructions may be found on your state tax administrator's website.

    For tax-exempt Customers, Creedmoor Sports must have a copy of your state's Sales/Use Tax Exemption paperwork on file before you place your order, otherwise, where applicable, we are required to collect sales tax at the tax rate effective at the time the order is processed. Unfortunately, we cannot refund sales tax collected on sales prior to receiving the signed Sales/Use Tax Exemption form(s).

    Government/Military Orders: We must collect your tax exempt certificate providing your tax exempt ID Number.
  • Placing a Backorder

    Backorder Availability

    Only select items are available for backorder.

    If the item is listed as OUT OF STOCK only, we do not allow backorders.

    If the item is listed as OUT OF STOCK – BACKORDER OK, we are accepting backorders.


    Backorder Process

    Verify your items are available for backorder.

    Place your order as you normally would for in stock products.

    Complete the checkout process.




    Upon receipt of inventory, backorders are filled by order placement date, oldest to newest.

    We will make every effort to ship as quickly as possible.

    You will be sent a tracking number via email at time of shipment.


    Please Note:

    Back orders are offered as a courtesy to our loyal customers who want to purchase with Creedmoor Sports and we appreciate your commitment to us. Due to current market conditions, estimated delivery dates for backordered items are unavailable.



    Due to extreme volatility in the market, items on backorder may experience a price change between the time the order is placed and when it is shipped. If this situation applies to your backorder, you will be notified and offered the opportunity to accept the new pricing or cancel your order.  Orders may be cancelled if not verified by customer. Creedmoor Sports will make every attempt to minimize these occurrences.

  • Coats

    Getting the correct size is everything. Measure your chest wearing a light t-shirt. Do not go by your suit coat size!!! The Hardback Coat has an extra piece of heavy cotton down the center back. There is no plastic or "Hard" material in the coat. The Hardback coat will not impede your Sitting or Prone position A Tapered coat is recommended if you measure 4-6 inches smaller in the waist than the chest (ie. 42 chest, 36 waist). No support will be lost with the ventilated models. The only way to clean your coat is with a mild detergent (Woolite) and water. Spray the coat down lightly and scrub it inside and out. Rinse it off lightly and allow to air dry. Do not Dry Clean! Soak in water! Or try any other method of cleaning! You will only damage the coat and have to buy a new one.
  • Mats

    The difference between the Basics (B040) and the Creedmoor (N040) Roll-up mat is the Vinyl Laminate on the bottom of the N040. It makes the mat water resistant and last much longer.
  • Slings

    A 1 1/4" sling must be used in NRA Service Rifle Competition. Any other type of sling will put you into the Match Rifle Category. (You don't want to shoot against Bolt rifles).
    You will need at least a 54" sling for the AR-15 rifle. A 50" will be fine for the M14/M1A and M1 Garand, depending on your height and build. The Hathcock sling (C1060) is identical to the Turner 50" (C1061B) except for the Hathcock emblem stamped into the leather.
  • Spotting Scopes

    The larger objective lens size allows for more light to be gathered, therefore increasing how far and clear you can see. As a rule, the larger the objective lens, the better. If you wear glasses, you will want a eyepiece that has long eye relief to allow ease of use.
  • Scope Stands

    A Zoom head is similar to a camera mount. The mount will screw directly into the bottom of the scope. A Saddle head clamps around the scope. If the scope does not have a thread mount, then this is the only option. A tripod is recommended over a bipod for larger, heavier scopes. Keep in mind your next scope purchase when buying a stand. If you are going to upgrade soon to a larger scope, the tripod is the way to go.
  • Miscellaneous

    The M14/M1A/M1 NM Hooded Rear Sight Aperture (C1113) will fit all three rifles in the title. The .0520 aperture is the most popular. The Receiver Insert (C1055) will fit both the M1A and M1 Garand. The most popular Dewey rod for cleaning the M14/M1A is the C1048-M14 and for the M16/AR-15 is the C1048-M16. You can determine all other lengths needed by measuring the barrel and receiver.
  • Ammunition Warranty

    Please see our Ammunition Warranty Sheet for information.