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At Creedmoor, we don’t have customers…we have friends! Our customers are a very tight knit community of shooters who all share the same passion – “A passion for precision rifle shooting”. Below, we have outlined “The Creedmoor Way” which shares with you the principles we follow in operating Creedmoor Sports. The Creedmoor Way is the way we think, the way we live and it continues to evolve as we learn, grow, and listen to our friends - our customers. We sincerely appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to be part of your hobby and your passion.


  • Take care of our customers – remember they are our friends!
    • This sounds easy but so many companies make this hard work. We just make sure every day we do the right thing by our customers.
    • Every day we are thankful for how fortunate we are to be in a business where we can share our passion for the shooting sports with our customers. We get to wake up every day and work with fellow shooters who just enjoy the heck out of shooting small groups or knocking the center out of the X-Ring.
    • Not all of our customers are top competitive shooters nor do they hunt in Africa every year but they are passionate about getting the most out of their rifle. In fact, most of our customers are purely recreational shooters who do 90% of their shooting in their backyard or local range. We just love folks that like to put shots down range.
    • Provide our customers with the best technical service available. We have built a team of individuals who can help you make informed purchasing decisions and will keep helping you long after the initial purchase. We don’t want you to buy items and have them sit there unused!
    • Sure, we make mistakes but we promise to own up to them and take the responsibility. We could tell you that we won’t make a mistake but that would be an outright lie. But we can promise to make it right as we possibly can. We really didn’t mean to send you that neck turning pilot in place of the spotting scope stand you ordered! The sun got in our eyes – yeah that’s it!
  • Always be innovative and creative when bringing new exciting products to the market.
    • We are always looking to introduce new products to the shooting community or to improve the products we already make for our customers.
    • We believe innovation is the key to keeping shooters excited about their sport and interested in trying new things! We also believe that our products can always continue to evolve and be improved. You can help us on this mission! Call us or e-mail us with any and all ideas as we would love to hear from you!
    • Okay, we’ll share this with only you – We invented the internet!
  • Build the best products we possibly can!
    • We enjoy producing the best products we can - and still make them affordable. No, we aren’t going to make a loading block out of titanium!
    • Being active shooters we understand the conditions in which our products are used, how they are used and the expectations of our customers. We design our products with those expectations in front of us.
    • We ask some of our customers to be part of the product design process. This idea is cutting edge management theory – come on, whoever thought of asking users to be involved in the design of a product they are eventually going to use. Sarcasm? Most Definitely!
  • Always be open to suggestions and be flexible enough to make changes on the move.
    • We have thousands of customers shooting daily, using the products and providing us with constant feedback and ideas for products. This gives us a great research team!
    • Obviously, we can’t try everything, but when something comes up that we can both accomplish and create at a fair price for our customers, we take the chance. An air conditioner unit in your shooting jacket, Hmmm! Maybe!
  • We promise to treat our employees fairly and embrace a fun, family atmosphere.
    • Our team members are our family and are truly the reason for our success. Just like the old saying, “When Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy”, if our employees are happy then they pass that along to our customers – Our friends.
    • We believe our fun and family based workplace environment helps us treat you like family. We know you have many choices in the marketplace and hope the way we treat both our employees and our customers helps you think of Creedmoor every time.
    • We have been fortunate to build our management team with extremely talented people from all aspects of the precision rifle industry. Gina is our Customer Care Manager and she is devoted to making sure our customers are taken care of like family. There is a reason we call her MOM! Secret – if you really want something done, get Gina to take care of it!
  • Treat our vendors with respect
    • We look at our vendors as friends in the shooting community, not just suppliers! We pride ourselves on building long-term healthy relationships. We don’t take our relationship with vendors lightly as they are important for our continuing success.
    • We are their front-line representatives with the customers. This means we do our best to understand and use their products so we can help you with questions you might have. That’s what we believe it means to properly “represent” someone’s products.
    • We represent our vendors to the best of our ability, honor our commitments to them and our expectation is that they will stand behind their products with our customers.
  • Have FUN!!
    • We spend more waking hours at work than we do at home and FUN is the name of the game. We strive to have fun at work while serving you and hopefully that spirit passes along when you call or have any other interactions with us!
    • Remember, “We Like to Talk with You”! In today’s electronic communication world, many companies push the email, help chat, etc. in order to keep their costs down. We truly enjoy a good old fashioned phone call from our customers. It keeps us connected to you in the sport we all love!