.30-06 Redding Instant Indicator w/ Dial Indicator

$ 173.95
.30-06 Redding Instant Indicator w/ Dial Indicator The Redding Instant Indicator is designed to help the handloader wring the most out of their reloads. This tool gives the handloader a quick and accurate method for comparing the amount of sizing occurring as you setup your full-length sizing die. You can measure the shoulder position of a fired case and your full-length sized case to determine how much sizing is occurring. You can also use it to check bullet seating uniformity or consistency from load to load. Redding now includes a "Range Adapter" with each tool which allows you to use it at your bench at home or in the field without using a reloading press. Includes: One Redding Instant Indicator for a specific cartridge One 1" x .001" Dial Indicator One bore diameter bushing One surface contactor One shoulder contactor Headspace Gauge Complete Instructions Features: Check the uniformity of full-length sizing or "shoulder bump" Help reloader adjust full-length die to achieve the desired amount of sizing or headspace (amount of bump). Check the uniformity of sized cases Check bullet seating depth uniformity Sort cases that have been fired in two different firearms Check trim length consistency Sort bullets for uniformity Use of tool as headspace tool can result in extended brass life due to reducing the amount of sizing and work hardening. Usage: Insert fired case into body Note reading on indicator Adjust full length die so maximum gap is achieved between shellholder and die. (see die instructions) Incrementally in small turns of the die, insert sized case into Instant Indicator until desired amount of sizing occurs (difference between fired and newly sized case). Most handloaders try to achieve .002" to ,003" depending on firearm, application, etc. Usually, you want a little more sizing or headspace in semi-autos.