6.5 Grendel Redding Body Die

$ 49.95

6.5 Grendel Redding Body Die   

Redding Body Dies are a staple item of many accuracy minded shooters and handloaders.

These dies are designed to full length size the cartridge case and bump or set back the shoulder position to achieve proper headspace and easy chambering.

It is important to know that these dies differ from traditional full length sizing dies with two important differences

  • They do not disturb or resize the diameter of the neck portion of your case. So, a fired case will not have a resized neck when running it through a body die.
  • They also do not have any moving parts and thus decapping or depriming does not occur when using a body die. That would have to be done in a separate die or some type of depriming die or tool.

Traditionally, handloaders use these body dies as a companion product for a bushing style neck die such as a Redding Type S Neck Due or a Redding Competition Neck Sizing Die.

As with conventional sizing dies, you can control the amount of shoulder bump or cartridge headspace by adjusting the die’s relative position to the shellholder. The use of a datum gauge such as the Creedmoor Sports Datum Gauge makes this task much easier and more accurate.


  • One Redding Body Die with lock ring
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Shellholder sold separately 


  • Ability to full length size your cases and bump the shoulder without disturbing the case neck geometry.
  • No moving internal parts
  • Control the amount of sizing and the amount of shoulder bump to minimize excess sizing