6.5x47 Lapua Redding Neck Sizing Die

$ 65.95

6.5x47 Lapua Redding Neck Sizing Die

Redding Neck Sizing Dies are designed to size only the case neck of your fired or new cases. It will not adjust the headspace or size the body of the case.

These dies are designed to size down the outside diameter of the case neck as the case enters the die completely. Then as the case is extracted from the die, the case neck passes over a sizing button that sizes the inside diameter of the case neck for proper bullet grip for the caliber of bullets you are reloading. This provides consistent bullet grip for uniform bullet release and consistent chamber pressures promoting accuracy

It is important to know that these dies differ from full length sizing dies with two important differences

  • They do not disturb or resize the body of the fired or new case
  • They do not push, set or bump the shoulder back of the case. Therefore, cartridge headspace is not changed relative to the firearm’s chamber.

Traditionally, handloaders use these neck dies with the understanding that they will have to full-length size eventually when the round becomes too tight in the chamber.

Handloaders use these dies when they find that neck sizing only can sometimes promote accuracy. The sacrifice is sometimes tighter chambering based on how hot the handloads are or how high the chamber pressure is relative to recommended handloads from recognized reloading sources.


  • One Redding Neck Sizing Die
  • One die box
  • Complete Instructions
  • Shellholder sold separately


  • Made to size the neck portion of the case only
  • Includes a decapping assembly which includes the decapping rod, sizing button and decapping pin
  • Does not disturb the headspace or main body of the case. No sizing occurs in those areas.
  • Made from high quality materials by Redding Reloading and completely inspected for quality production.
  • Made in the U.S.A.