7mm BR Remington Forster Bench Rest Seater Die

$ 71.43

Forster Bench Rest Seater Die

More than twenty years ago, Forster/Bonanza obtained U.S. Patent #3,440,923 for the design of the original Bench Rest Seater Die. That patent covers the use of a specially machined, close fitting chamber that holds the case, the bullet and the seating stem all in perfect alignment. This innovative chamber design is still the hallmark of our Bench Rest Seater Dies, because it's the premier system of all the so-called "in-line" seater systems that actually supports the entire outside diameter of the sized case rather than just the bullet and case neck. Over the years, they have continued to refine the seating stems to better fit the newly designed ballistic tips and now offer special seating stems to match your special bullet needs such as those encountered during the loading of some of the new VLD (Very Low Drag) bullets currently on the market.