Creedmoor® Sports Launches The Adaptive Press Head

The Adaptive Press Head is the flagship product in a new eco-system of premium reloading tools from Creedmoor® Sports. This press head is innovative in design, carries a fit and finish worthy of premium and large format dies, and is proudly made in the USA.

Infante S6This product incorporates the Adaptive WedgeTM System which supports multiple die sizes, including 7/8" and 1 ¼"  at the time of this release. The Wedges allow the handloader to set up their dies one time and simply exchange wedge/die sets in the press head as needed. Like the Creedmoor Sports Enhanced Press HeadTM, this product is also a true direct drop-in upgrade that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Manufactured to exacting tolerances from stainless steel, these press heads offer a premium finish, higher corrosion and wear resistance, and a thread quality second to none.

"The Adaptive Press Head was born out of the desire to accommodate premier 1 ¼" dies on the standard Redding T-7 Press. The design and testing lead to the development of two different product lines, the Enhanced Press Head and the Adaptive Press Head," said Jared Haehnel, Product Developer. "We set out to develop a premier product that will match the top-quality dies being produced and we met that goal by developing a product that can match, and in some cases outperform, presses that exceed twice the price of a Redding T-7 equipped with our Adaptive Head," added Haehnel.

"Our Product Development Team has spent much of 2022 building a family of products focused on enhancing existing reloading presses in the market.  The Adaptive Press Head is the pinnacle of this product family, offering customers an enhanced user experience and quality that rivals anything on the market.  I'm incredibly proud of the team's efforts and could not be happier with the finished product," said John Teachey, V.P. of Operations and Marketing.