Annealing Made Perfect Just Arrived!

We quickly sold out of our first shipment of Annealing Made Perfect machines and our next shipment just arrived! We typically don’t ask our customers to check out a manufacturers website but we feel this one is worthy of your time. Although the Annealing Made Perfect machine is quite easy to use, the science behind it is pretty complex. By visiting Annealing Made Perfect’s new website you can get a wealth of information about the theory, process and advantages of annealing your brass!  You will see how quick and easy the process is and the savings you will realize with the added longevity of your expensive brass.

Check Out Their Revamped Site!

We have used this machine ourselves on 6BR, 308 Win, 6.5/284 cases, and 6mm PPC cases and it really works. We were fortunate to be able to test one of the early models and we loved it. We have always been disappointed by various annealing methods we have tried especially those using torches. The variations in consistent heating and incorrect temperatures drove us crazy. Just seemed like voodoo! The guys at Annealing Made Perfect studied the issues, went back to the basics, worked with a metallurgical department doing testing on brass and after years of research came up with this machine. They have put all of their research and testing into building a machine that is easy to use and can be tuned specifically for annealing different case brands and even cases that have been neck turned. Once you get this unit, you can be annealing cases within minutes of receiving.