Setting Up Sights On Your Detachable Carry Handle AR-15

Infante S6With Camp Perry High Power Competition one week away, most seasoned competitors will be arriving on the shores of Lake Erie with their scoped AR15 type rifles ready to compete, myself included.  While in a very short time scopes have come to dominate the firing line, there are still plenty of competitors using iron sights, especially some newer competitors.

Infante S6Following-up on a lengthy coaching session that I had over the phone yesterday with one such competitor who needed to adjust their front sight, Dennis Santiago, a friend and competitor from California shared his excellent write up that specifically focuses on setting up iron sights on an AR15 with a detachable carry handle, the type of rifle this individual is using.

If you are using an AR15 detachable carry handle, you will benefit from reading this article on Dennis' blog regarding setting up your iron sights.  If you know Dennis, then you know he is very analytical and thorough with his work, and this article is no different.  Included are images, videos and the data to help you get yourself setup and zeroed.

The complete article can be found at:

Five Steps to Set Up Your Detachable Carry Handle AR-15 to Shoot Across the Course

If you will be at Camp Perry, remember to drop in and visit the Creedmoor Sports Store located in the main building next to in-processing.