Creedmoor Sports 75 Grain Hornady Ammunition - A Review

To compete in High Power Rifle Competitions you need quality ammunition. For better accuracy and cost savings, most of us learn early on how to reload.  In my case I tried a variety of bullets, powders and primers before making the Sierra 77 grain bullet my standard load for short range, using the Sierra 80 grain bullet at 600 yards.  These loads have worked well for me, and while I would rather spend more time shooting than reloading, like many others I spent many evenings in my reloading room.

In 2012, due to damages from Super Storm Sandy, I lost my reloading room and for a time was relying on close friends to help with reloading.  This all changed when Creedmoor Sports introduced a variety of high power match ammunition, with several different loads sent to me to try out.  ALL were very good, or better, than anything I could load, and I settled on the Creedmoor Sports 75 Grain Hornady Ammunition for short range.  It was the most consistent in my gun, and with very little range time it delivered great performance.  I have attached a few images below that were all targets fired at 200 yard reduced matches with this ammunition.  On the two MR targets, the scores were  (a) 198-11x and (b) 199-7x, and all shots outside the 10 ring were shots that I called.  On the (c) 200 yard reduced International Target (from 300 meters), note that all but five fired shots are in the 10-ring, which is 2 ¼ inches in diameter.

Regarding the shots themselves, all fired shots were made in the prone position, during local matches, using a sling. The upper used is a rather non-distinct Bushmaster upper converted to a flat top, and all firing was done using the Konus XTC-30 Rifle Scope. If you measure the core group on the International Target, that is a sub-one minute group.  Can your ammo do that?

While I do have two loading presses lying dormant, and a plethora of supplies, waiting for a future planned reloading/gun room, the performance of this Creedmoor Sports 75 Grain Hornady Ammunition makes wanting to reload a fading memory.

Like I said....I'd rather be out shooting then spending time reloading!

Ira Ruderman