Creedmoor Sports Is Heading To Camp Perry!

Creedmoor Sports, a leader in serving the precision rifle community, is excited to return to Camp Perry for the 2017 CMP National Matches!

The entire Creedmoor Staff is working hard to get everything ready to head to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. "We have been going to Camp Perry every summer for years as competitors and as sponsors," mentioned Greg Kantorovich, President of Creedmoor Sports. Greg added, "Camp Perry is part of Creedmoor's roots and we love being there to support the shooters coming to the National Matches."

Creedmoor Sports will be open daily from July 14th thru July 25th in Building 3 next to the Bataan Armory with many of their precision rifle products on display and for sale. Shooters can come in, buy products, get measured properly by the Creedmoor Staff for shooting coats, and talk to our staff about the sport.

The National Matches are conducted by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and the Ohio National Guard and include Small Arms Firing Schools, CMP National Trophy Rifle and Pistol Matches, and CMP specialty rifle events such as the Garand Match, Vintage Sniper Match, and many others.

The National Matches began in 1903 and moved to Camp Perry in 1907. 110 Years later, here we are! Dennis DeMille (3-time National Champion and Creedmoor's Vice President of Product Development) said, "Creedmoor Sports and the National Matches are part of our history and part of our life. Each summer, gathering together with our friends and customers at this historical shooting range is like coming home."

The CMP National Matches draw well over 6,000 annual participants and is a great festival celebrating the shooting sports. Bill Gravatt, technical advisor to Creedmoor, added "I have been coming to the National Matches for a quarter of a century, and love to meet fellow shooters of all ages from all over the United States and the world. Many of them are first-time visitors, which to me is really exciting to see them enjoy themselves, and you will meet others that have been shooting here for over 50 years and still going at it!"

So, if you are visiting Camp Perry this July, please come by and just say hello to the Creedmoor Crew!

Creedmoor Sports produces rugged, well-built equipment designed to serve the precision driven rifle shooter and continues to expand their service to all aspects of precision rifle shooting in centerfire, smallbore and air rifle/pistol disciplines.

Keep track of us as we continue to grow Creedmoor Sports with a daily goal to continually better our service and improve our product offerings to you - the precision rifle shooter. It's just part of the "Creedmoor Way™" !