Jared Haehnel Joins Creedmoor Sports

Infante S6Creedmoor Sports is pleased to announce Jared Haehnel has joined our team as a Senior Technical Product Expert. Jared brings over a decade of experience in shooting, testing and reloading for metallic cartridges. This includes working three years as a Research and Development Engineering Technician for a bullet manufacturer tasked with developing ammunition for long range hunting, precision rifle, and pistol ammunition. He has worked closely with industry professionals becoming well versed in standardized testing procedures set out by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Institute (SAAMI) and the Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP).

"Jared is a great addition to our team and will help provide our customers with a greater depth of knowledge in reloading and internal ballistics, while helping Creedmoor Sports expand our offering of innovative products. Jared's experience in technical design and manufacturing combined with his experience in the industry and as a shooter will prove invaluable in bringing new and exciting products to market.  We look for Jared to make his mark on our organization and help us achieve our goals." -John Teachey, VP of Operations

"With more shooters starting to reload, we want to make sure they're getting exactly what they need to achieve their goals. Jared brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and has a passion for sharing that information with other shooters. We're excited to add another precision shooter to the team to help customers, provide solutions, and develop new products." -Brent Books, General Manager

Jared also brings his experience in industrial design along with an engineering mindset to the team as Creedmoor continues to develop and produce innovative products that give shooters the competitive edge across many disciplines in precision rifle shooting and reloading.

Jared will be available to assist in all technical questions and may be reached at techsupport@creedmoorsports.com or by calling customer service at 800-273-3366.

We are excited to welcome Jared to the Creedmoor Sports family as a valuable resource for our customers and the company.